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Phoenix Quest: The Medallions, The Ring and The Feather

Phoenix Quest: The Medallions, The Ring and The Feather relates a blacksmith’s quest for a phoenix feather and the hand of the princess, which seemed simple enough at first. He possessed the ruby necklace and had the wizard’s spells to help him climb from commoner to prince. He was ready for his journey – or so he thought.


Despite his confidence, it was a long way to Egypt. He soon found out that he was ill-prepared for the strange.....

Phoenix Quest 2: Journey To the Underworld

If you lose the one you love, how far will you go and what sacrifices are you willing to make to bring him or her back?

In Phoenix Quest 2 Journey To the Underworld, readers are transported to a kingdom enrapt in celebration and merriment. In this kingdom, Prince Aiden and his wife, Princess Ariana, are busy preparing for their first anniversary. In the midst of the festivities, something horrible unexpectedly happens. Angus, the royal couple’s beloved child, is abducted!


Phoenix Quest 3: Spell Bound

A few short years of peaceful cohabitation are once again suddenly interrupted by yet another kidnapping. But this time the intentions are far more brutal in nature. The hopes of a second liberation require the entangled spells of mortal and immortal alike, in a battle of wit and magic to rescue the monarch and others from a perverse fate worse than death itself.

Where will this all end?

ANThology 1: Ants Odyssey

When nine educated ants escape the confines of their ant farm and enter the natural world for the first time, they begin a naive adventure with enough chaos to last a lifetime. Their creative nature helps to minimize many of the unexpected trials and tribulations along their legendary journey. This eight book series explores the importance of family, the value of friendship and overcoming the struggles of survival in the wild. The keys to their success or failure depend upon.....

ANThology 2: Birth of Silver City

Through brilliant storytelling and a colorful cast of endearing characters, ANThology 2: Birth of Silver City, the second book in the ANThology series, will once again take us on an unforgettable journey into to the amazing world of ants.


Be amazed as you witness the life of these tiny yet hardworking creatures.

Be enlightened as you learn from the insights they gather at the end of each tale.

Be entertained as you follow their every adventure.

ANThology 3: Quest for a Queen

A delightful reading experience, ANThology 3: Quest for a Queen shares the whimsical episodes in the lives of a colony of ants. Captivating, this imaginative book shares the daring adventure to find a queen and fulfill a dream, but sometimes dreams don’t turn out the way you expect them to. This exciting work will take your imagination to new heights.

ANThology 4: The Banished Princess

The flag was flapping, held high in the air by Ricky, as the ants rounded the corner of the barn on their new mission to save Rusty from the wrath of the queen. Ricky couldn’t have been happier, after missing out on the last adventure because of his sore leg. Digger and Luna raced across the dirt behind the barn, along with their forty passengers. The rescuers were on their way to the expanse of the field and the forest.....

ANThology 5: Royal Flush

Queen Amy and the freedom fighters of Silver City knew it was only a matter of time before they’d be forced to face off against the overwhelming numbers of her mother’s invading black army.

The Black Queen’s prior encounters with the upstart colony had challenged her authority and disrespected her status as territorial monarch, which was a matter of opinion between the two sides , leaving Amy’s mother no other choice but to confront her daughter, face to face. The.....

ANThology 6: The Lost Monarch

ANThology 6, readers see that the five colonies were critical for the freedom fighters to overcome the dominance of the Black Queen. Standing together they had a chance to determine their own destiny, but apart there was little hope of escaping the tyranny of Casandra’s ghastly domination, and with Silver City’s queen lost in the storm, there was no one else who could convince the outlying colonies to stand against the two wicked sisters.

The termite queen couldn’t do it,.....

ANThology 7: Queens of Chaos

After several days of desperate searching by the birds, rabbits, and termites, Queen Amy and her lost comrades had finally been found, but there was no time to waste celebrating their recovery.

The black queen had set an ambush along the fence line, and there were fears that Austin, Queen Ivy, and the freedom fighters might have traveled toward the field on their way back to Isoptera in an attempt to get Forest Green’s army back under the control of.....

Anthology 8: Sovereign Sand

James Malcolm lives with his wife Shellie on Harstine Island in Washington State. He is an avid fantasy fiction and lyrical poetry author working on his twenty-fifth book.

Mystery on Widow Island

Everyday life is turned upside down in the quiet community when stories of a naked stranger roaming the eastern shores of the island spread like most rumors do. Reports of the incident were startling and the mystery wasn’t easy for anyone to explain. As the investigation moved forward, following several sightings by local residents, the uncomfortable situation only created more questions than answers.

The Bushy Tails of Ballow Wood

Be on the lookout for the blackberry bandit caught red handed, dressed in a shady hat with a bucket around his neck suspended by a silk tie. This fellow is a flashy dresser, smooth talker and loves to chat for a spell. James is a Harstine Island resident and this fantasy fiction is his thirteenth publication. Life is an adventure, enjoy the ride.